Are you about to visit Moerdijk, and would you like to be on your way well-prepared? Send in your request for one or more of our brochures. Visit Moerdijk publishes various attraction cards annually, including maps, cycling tours, and flyers. You can find an overview of all the printed brochures we offer below.

Attraction cards

  • Attraction card Klundert
  • Attraction card Willemstad
  • Attraction card Zevenbergen

Each attraction card provides a detailed map filled with tips of the town on one side and an extensive map with the bicycle route network of Moerdijk on the other. These maps are also available in English.

Thematic flyers to inspire

  • 5 tips for kids in Moerdijk
  • 5 cool facts about Moerdijk
  • 5 undiscovered places in Moerdijk
  • Mini-flyer The Southern Waterline

The thematic flyers are also available in English.

Bicycle and hiking routes

  • Bicycle tour 1st Polish Division (29 km)
  • Bicycle tour Timberwolf (34 km)
  • Bicycle tour West Riding (34 km)
  • Flood Bicycle tour Moerdijk (35 km)
  • Bicycle tour Ruigenhilse polder route (33 km)
  • Bicycle tour Oude Appelaarse polder route (30 km)
  • Bicycle tour Bloemendaalse polder route (35 km)
  • Hiking tour Inundation route Willemstad (3,5 km)

Also available

  • Touristic guide Moerdijk (i.c.w. Touristic Fund Moerdijk)
  • Information flyer ‘Vissen doe je zo’ (This is how you fish; red.) (Recreational fishing Zuid-West Nederland)
  • City flyer fortresses (Association Dutch Fortresses)

Do you own a business?

Would you like to receive brochures to inspire and send off your guests well-prepared? Please contact Visit Moerdijk by sending an email to and specify in your email which brochures you would like to receive from us. You can use our order form (pdf). We will provide you with (new) brochures as soon as possible.