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The platform inspires tourists, visitors, and citizens for a lovely visit to our region. Are you active in the touristic-recreational sector, and do your (professional) activities enhance our offer? Then, we are happy to place your activity, venue, or news on our website and our social media channels.

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Are you new to our region, or is your venue or activity not yet mentioned on our website? Be sure to contact us! We will gladly place your item on our website. To make the detail page of your location or activity as complete as possible, we ask you to send us at least the following information:

  • Name of venue or activity
  • Event location
  • Website event
  • Public contact details
  • Short description (max. 500 words)
  • Horizontal photo (preferably min. 1500 pixels, no flyers)
  • Your contact details (will not be published)

We can also include the following information if you wish:

  • The Southern Waterline
  • Defense of Willemstad
  • Fortress of Willemstad
  • Fortress of Klundert
  • Ramparts of Willemstad
  • Ramparts of Klundert
  • Fortified city
  • By the water
  • E-bike charging station
  • Group activity
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Free parking at your location
  • On the bicycle route
  • On the hiking route
  • Center of Zevenbergen
  • Fortress
  • Children
  • Region
  • Additional images (horizontal)

Attention: Please note our terms and conditions for sending and using photos when registering.

Edit or delete an existing page

Has your venue or activity been added to our platform? And is the information listed no longer correct, or would you like to delete it from our website completely? Please contact Visit Moerdijk by sending an e-mail to We will contact you personally to ensure the correct implementation of your wishes.

Brochures request

Visit Moerdijk publishes various attraction cards with maps, cycling tours, and flyers. Would you like to receive our flyers to help your guests be well-prepared for their visit? If so, please contact Visit Moerdijk by sending an e-mail to and indicate which brochures you would like to receive. You can use our order form (pdf) for this purpose. We will provide you with (new) brochures as soon as possible.

Please go to the Brochures request page for our full range of brochures and promotional materials.

Register events

Are you organizing an event, and is it accessible to everyone without merely focussing on Moerdijk citizens? Then, we are happy to place your event in our event calendar! Go to the events registration page for more information about registering for events.

Questions or remarks

Do you have any questions or comments about Visit Moerdijk, one of our products, or the tourist-recreational sector in greater Moerdijk? Contact the Moerdijk Tourist Information Office by e-mail or call the Moerdijk city hall and ask for a Moerdijk Tourist Information employee.