Privacy statement

Visit Moerdijk processes personal data to execute its legal and public duties. In this statement, you can read how VISIT Moerdijk observes privacy.

VISIT Moerdijk handles personal data confidentially and carefully. For example, we never give data to others, except when it is necessary to perform the service you requested or when it is required by law. We only use the data you provide for the service you require.

Why do we need your data?

In most cases, personal data are processed to carry out a legal or public task. When you reach out to VISIT Moerdijk for questions, advice, or services, we need your personal data to provide you with the best possible service. We want to involve you as much as possible and inform you clearly. We will not ask for more data than necessary. Your data will be carefully stored and only used for the purposes discussed with you or legally permitted.

Origin of the data

In most cases, you give us your data yourself because we need it to be able to help you.

Sharing your personal data

We only share personal information with third parties when we are legally required to do so or when you have given us permission. If multiple agencies are involved in helping you, we need your permission to share information. We will discuss with you what information we would like to share with whom so that you can decide whether to give permission.

Inspecting, amending, and/or deleting your data

According to the law (GDPR), you have several rights towards VISIT Moerdijk as a person of concern.

  • You have the right to inspect the data known to us. You can submit a request for access via
  • You have the right to information about the way your data are processed.
  • You have the right to correct, add to, or shield your data.
  • You have the right to request VISIT Moerdijk to remove your data if VISIT Moerdijk has no legal reason to process the data any longer.
  • You can object to the use of your personal data.
  • You have the right to file a complaint if you are dissatisfied with how we process your personal data.

Requests and any complaints or concerns can be directed to VISIT Moerdijk via

Do you have questions about your privacy?

The website of Visit Moerdijk is facilitated by the municipality of Moerdijk. The municipality of Moerdijk has employed a Data Protection Officer. This person supervises compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

For questions about privacy, you can contact the person mentioned via or +31 (0)168 373 600 or +31 14 0168.

You can also contact the Authority for the Protection of Personal Data by telephone at +31 (0)88 1805 250.