Moerdijk is located in the province of West Brabant and is easily accessible from major cities such as Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Eindhoven, Den Bosch, and Belgium. The highways A16 (Breda - Dordrecht) and  A17 (Dordrecht - Roosendaal) cross the municipality. If you come by public transport or bicycle, please find more information below on how to get around.

Plan your trip by car

Long-term parking while you explore greater Moerdijk? You can park freely in the designated areas throughout the municipality. However, Klundert, Willemstad, and Zevenbergen have so-called blue zones. You can learn exactly how these zones work below.

Parking in the fortress of Willemstad

Most places within Willemstad's fortress fall under the parking disk zone ("blue zone”). This applies all year round, from Thursday to Sunday from 11 am to 9 pm. You can park in the fortress within these parking hours for a maximum of 2 hours.

If you want to stay in the city center longer than 2 hours, use the spacious parking lots at Hellegatsweg and Lantaarndijk just outside the fortress. They are located 5-minutes by foot from the center and are free of charge, like all other parking in and around the fortress. For motorcycles, there is a special parking lot inside the fortress at Benedenkade.

Driving through the fortress of Willemstad

From Monday to Friday, vehicles can always pass through the fortress freely unless a large-scale event is taking place. On Sundays and holidays, 'closed roads' applies to the fortress between March 1 and November 1 from 1 pm to 5 pm. Only residents with an exemption pass have free access to the fortress year round. The access exemption also applies to berth holders.

Accessibility during events

The fortress of Willemstad regularly hosts large-scale events, resulting in complete motorized traffic closure. To accommodate the large stream of visitors by providing parking space, you can also use the ample parking lots at the Volkeraksluizen on these occasions. The shuttle bus, provided by the municipality of Moerdijk, will take you to and from the fortress. Always follow on-site directions.

Parking in Zevenbergen

Due to the reopening of the canal in the center of Zevenbergen, the blue zone has been expanded and adjusted. Find a spot for your car near the center at the long-term parking lots “Kasteeltuin” or the beginning of the Kerkstraat free of charge.

Do you prefer to park closer to the canal? Then please keep in mind that the maximum parking time in the blue zone is 1 hour instead of the usual 2 hours.

Parking in Klundert

Klundert has a blue zone at various places in the center as well. Would you like to park for longer than two hours during your visit? Then use the large parking lot behind the Tourist Information Center at the Oosterstraat 20 in Klundert. It takes only a few minutes by foot to De Stenen Poppen, the old town hall, or the stream Bottekreek.

Are you traveling by public transport?

Moerdijk locations are also easily accessible by public transport. Information on schedules, departure, and arrival times of all public transport services can be found at and NS journey planner. Moerdijk has two train stations, Lage Zwaluwe and Zevenbergen. From Lage Zwaluwe station, you can continue your journey by bicycle or public transport.

Bravo Flex brings you on-demand anywhere in the municipalities of Moerdijk, Halderberge, Drimmelen, and Altena. This new form of public transport has no fixed route or timetable. You simply order the additional transport service when it suits you. You can book Bravo Flex easily via the website.

On an E-bike or a traditional Dutch bicycle

Greater Moerdijk is easily accessible by bicycle. There are several bicycle routes through the municipality. Each location has fun hotspots to relax after your bike ride. You can find our bicycle tours on our download page. A number of restaurants offer recharging facilities for your E-bike.

Would you like to rent a bike? That is also possible. Saarloos Bike Rental in Willemstad offers you various bike rentals.

By water

Arriving in Willemstad by boat? That's possible too! Expedition Haringvliet and ferry Waterpoort sail to and from Willemstad. If you're coming from Dordrecht, the ferry Lucretia sails from Strijsensas to the village of Moerdijk. You can find more information on the page Ferries and sailing times.

Are you coming in your own boat? Moerdijk has six marinas where you can go with your leisure boat. If you want to make a reservation for a berth, please contact one of the marinas.


By camper

Are you coming with a camper? At this moment, we only have camper parking spaces at the Lantaarndijk in Willemstad. You must also take into account that within the entire municipality of Moerdijk, it is prohibited to spend the night on the road in or around a camper or other vehicles between 10 pm and 8 am. Do you want to spend the night somewhere? Check the following campsites: